Dog Beds The best dog beds depend largely on the size and personality of your dog. Every dog is different and sleeps in a variety of positions. Take time to observe your pets sleeping habits for a few days before purchasing its bed. Some animals like to sprawl out, some curl up, and some like a partial or enclosed bed giving them a sense of protection. Mentally note where your dog prefers to sleep.

No one knows your pet better than you do. Take into consideration whether your dog is hot natured or cold natured when choosing a bed. Keep in mind the kind of hair your dog has. Unique dog beds are available for both types. Some beds are made with material that will keep the animal cooler and other materials that keep them warmer.

If they curl up in a recliner or chair, it is an indication that a bed with a raised curved back maybe suitable. Dogs that sleep on their backs are probably going to prefer a lounge type bed that allow for plenty of room and firmer support. Another dog bed to satisfy the dog that likes to sprawl out is a mat bed. The mat is a simple bed for dogs that like their independence and likes to be aware of activity going on around them.

Dogs that you find sleeping under the coffee table or under your bed are sending a signal that they want a sense of enclosed shelter over them. Dog crate beds can help make this type of dog feel secure enabling them to sleep sounder than if their body is fully exposed. There are many unique dog beds including one called a cave dog bed. They look more like designer dog beds than one for a box crate, but still allow your pet to slip into an envelope type opening keeping the dogs body covered.

Dogs that nestle in among blankets or pillows will probably do well sleeping in one of the luxury dog beds. Many of them tend to remind you of a bean bag. Your dog can snuggle down into the soft bedding and be perfectly happy. Bowsers dog beds have many different styles, textures, and designs. While your pets comfort is the priority, most people prefer that their pet’s bed also fit into the surrounding home décor.

After you start looking for dog beds in a design that fits your pet, you will find there is enough diversity in dog beds on the market to make both you and your pet happy. Dog and cat beds are found in nearly any price range, so it is a dog owner’s personal preference how much they want to pay for one. Many modest priced beds are as good as high dollar designer beds as long as it fits your pet’s personality, body style and temperature.